Mordpol - Mathias Magerle


- Mordpol DK100 Guitar Tube Amplifier
- Mordpol RMC1 (Remote Control for Sound Skulptor MC624 Monitor Controller)
- Mordpol MP49 Mics (Neumann M49 Clones)
- Mordpol Ag47 Guitar Amp (Marshall Silver Jubilee Clone)
- Mordpol Dead Cat 30 (Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 Clone)
- Mordpol c165a SDC
- Mordpol Snare Drum 6"x14"
- Mordpol 8 Channel Mic Preamp(Amek m2500)
- Mordpol SLO Clone
- Mordpol Cubes(Auratone clone)


In 2017, I helped out Innsbruck's Noise Rock institution BUG recording and mixing their latest album 'Calamitas' - check it out:

My band's first four track EP (NAILEATER) - production, mixing, mastering and music done by me

Check out my buddy Johannes Ötzbrugger - I engineered/mixed some lute pieces for him in March '16

Some cool chillout/downtempo electronic stuff I mastered:

The new Sahara Surfers album 'High Lands':

In mid 2015 I recorded some demos with the guys from Insanity Alert, here's one of those songs: